Type of Injuries

Types of Injuries and cases that we handle at the Snyder Knapp Firm

  • Serious construction accident injuries
  • Work-Related Heart Attacks
  • Workplace Grave Injury
  • Serious car accident injuries
  • Whiplash and neck injuries from car accidents
  • Back injuries from lifting at work
  • Carpal Tunnel Cases from repetitive work such as typing, wrenching, gripping, and vibrations
  • Employee side employment cases
  • Whistleblower cases

Work Related Heart Attacks

Have you had a heart attack at work? Did the stress of your job lead to an increase in your blood pressure? Were you performing heavy physical work? Please contact experienced Syracuse comp lawyers dedicated to fighting for you on your side.

10,000 workers suffer heart attacks during the course of employment in the US every year. Many of those happen right here in the Syracuse New York area every year. One thing is for sure, if you believe that your job caused or contributed to your heart attack, you may have a right to worker’s compensation.

Snyder Law Firm, PLLC

The insurance company will surely fight your claim, with lawyers and doctors. You need an attorney on your side.

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We handle cases in the Central New York area including Syracuse, Liverpool, Salina, Baldwinsville, Cicero, Clay and the Central New York region.

If you are injured in New York State, contact a Workers’ Compensation lawyer in your area who is experienced to assist you in establishing your case and in maximizing the amount of compensation indemnity payments you will receive. If you are in the Syracuse area I would invite you to call my office at 315-451-3040 for a free consultation or visit my office website at https://snyderknapp.com.

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